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2018-03-26, 06:33
Rex represented my family in our recent purchase of an investment property for me to live in. I found him via Zillow a few months back and he had been very helpful, particularly in comparison to other realtors who bombard you with calls/emails. Rex would allow me to reach out to him about any listings I saw that interested me and was very responsive even though we weren't looking to make a large investment.

One day when checking the new listing email tailored to my price range and desired HOA, I found a condo that I knew I loved and that would be the one! Rex moved really quickly and even though I was in Arizona he was able to have a private showing for my dad (who was in Hawaii) the next day. He is seriously on top of things - has anyone mentioned that he went to med school at JABSOM and is technically an MD, but saw and seized the opportunity to enter the real estate market after med school? Normally, he works with foreign investors, but he reassured my family in California that buying an investment property in another state would be a smooth process.

Rex also was there for all the bumps we encountered during the process (delayed closing per seller agreement, unaddressed repairs, etc.) and it was great to get to know him. Thank you, Rex! I would definitely recommend Rex to anyone looking to buy a property in Hawaii!L
Ethan Song
2018-03-26, 06:14
He helped a friend of mine bought a condo, then he helped me to buy one too, looking for a house is really tough, but he is really helpful, I bought my house within three months, pretty quick turn around on process also. Great people great service.
Tom Wong
2018-03-26, 06:13
Awesome experience with Rex!
Responsive, diligent, professional.
Highly recommend
Rex provided me good advice to do a 1031 exchange which provided me tax deferral benefits. It was a last minute decision and he was able to get it all organized in time to meet the seller's schedule.
It was a tenant occupied the unit that I was doing the exchange for and Rex managed the tenant relationship nicely.
He provided me many helpful advice and insights during the process. Really appreciate it
Sheir Casandra
2018-03-26, 06:10
Rex is very helpful. He is a “master” in creating strategies for our offer to be accepted. He is responsive to all questions and stays up all night to assist. He is a realtor that can be trusted. Very comfortable to work with, it’s like working with a friend. Very knowledgeable. The best realtor in town!
vivienne 911
2017-07-01, 07:51
Rex is very professional, and it's a pleasure to work with in purchasing our first home in the US. He has an MD degree but chooses to be a house agent, which reveals his passionate about this field. His sharp negotiation skills help us get a great deal: $9K under the listing price. He also helped us moved in the new condo. I will recommend Rex for anyone out there looking to purchase or sell their home
2017-07-01, 07:50
I Hsiang is a very good agent. He is helpful, patient, efficient, and trustworthy. He is very easy to communicate with. He listened to our needs and multiple questions, and answered them all. He works hard to strive for the greatest benefits for his clients. Thank you I Hsiang!
Bernard Tang
2014-07-19, 02:22
Rex is a consummate real estate professional. He listens, pay attention to my preference and our conversation. He actively solicit feedback from me without being pushy and assisted me in narrowing down my condo search. At stressful moments, he brings back laughter, joy and calmness to cheer me on my condo purchase process. I would definitely recommend him and will engage him should I be looking for another piece of real estate.
Josh Arago
2014-06-13, 09:18
“His attention to detail, experienced negotiator, and innovative thinking is why he is one of the top realtors in his industry. I highly recommend his services to my clients. I personally have used his services.”
Gordon Cheng
2014-06-13, 09:07
Client, Buyer
I recommend Rex as a real estate agent. I really hate when other agents rush me but Rex is different in that he listens and does what's best for his clients. He is definitely an up and coming agent in hawaii.
Wade Hashimoto
2014-06-13, 09:07
Currently working together
We are looking to buy our first home and Rex is helping us look for that perfect place. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and honest. He is not out to make a quick sale. I can tell because there was a house that we were interested in but he gave us both positives and negatives of the house. As it turned out, he pointed out that it may not be a good investment to us in the long run because of this and that. He is genuinely interested in making his clients happy helping them with the biggest decision of their lives. I recommend Rex to anybody looking for a real estate agent.
Josh Arago
2014-06-13, 09:06
His attention to detail, experienced negotiator, and innovative thinking is why he is one of the top realtors in his industry. I highly recommend his services to my clients. I personally have used his services.
Charles Luk
2014-06-13, 09:04
Rex was extremely helpful in each step of my home buying process. It made my first time buying experience really pain free. He is very knowledge of the local real estate market and he is genuinely care for your interest. I would recommend Rex for any real estate needs. Will definitely call him when I am ready to upgrade.


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首先请您在    我要购房  (按此进入) 那边填写您的需求, 我们会按照您的需求给您分析以及建议。



如果是现金购买, 卖家会要求您提出资金证明 (银行类存款等等 用来证明有足够资金买房)此证明不需要马上就提出,当您的契约被卖家家接受后的3-5天内提出即可- 正确天数 依照合约)

如果是需要贷款, 卖家会要求看 贷款认证许可 (pre-approval letter)    如果您需要贷款又没有此许可证,就算看见喜欢的房产您也不一定可以买到,应为卖家会觉得您贷款上面会有问题。  


第一:  相约看房:  如果有适合的房子, 买房可以透过我们房地产经纪人与卖方的委托人进一步的交涉。通常我们会与买家拟定一个合适的价格 (OFFER) 然后 作出 书面的出价 (购屋合同)里面包含购买价格,付款方式,订金,交屋, 托管公司,房屋检查,等等。  买方需要写一个支票来支付订,支票抬头写托管公司然后给我们 (买方经纪人),或是如果没有美国银行账户外国买家也可提议在OFFER接受的3天内汇款订金。  如果卖方接受了我们的出价那么,这个支票(初期订金)就会被送去托管公司开户。  如果最后没有成交,大部分的情况下 托管公司会把支票退还。   {了解更多}   如果是汇款,托管公司也会退款给您。   

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