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Friday, 07 March 2014 00:00



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Price........ $23,500,000

Tenure....... Fee Simple (永久土地产权)


Renovated..........2008   (花了400多万美金重新 装修)

占地; 0.16 acres




This offering represents the opportunity to acquire the recently renovated 67 room boutique hotel situated on fee simple land, unencumbered by management operations with a non-union workforce and with a dramatically increasing revenue stream through the property’s new affiliation as Hawaii’s only Ascend Choice Hotels property. 

Investment Highlights

Increased Tourism

Hawaii is experiencing an incredible resurgence within its visitor industry. 2012 achieved the highest hotel revenue in history at $4.18 billion from its 7.8 million visitors. After the first 3 quarters in 2013, Hawaii’s hotel revenues had reached $4.04 billion due to increased visitor arrivals and growth in ADR’s. Year to date through November, Hawaii has welcomed over 7.5 million visitors representing a 3% increase over the same period in 2012 and is on pace to be another record setting year. 

Barriers to Entry 

Waikiki has a very limited supply of land zoned for hotel use under County zoning thereby dramatically limiting competition through the introduction of new inventory. These limitations provide tremendous stability for the investor as supply constraints ensure future competition is measured and easily manage in property operations. 

Limited Future Capital Requirements 

A $4 million room and public area renovation was completed at the Equus Hotel in 2008. With upgrades and replacement to hard and soft case goods and a complete lobby renovation, the purchaser of the Hotel will have very limited capital expenditure outlays during the initial period of this investment. 

Desirable Location 

The Equus Hotel offers guest great convenience with its location at the entrance to Waikiki and is within walking distance to the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Waikiki Beach, the Hawaii Convention Center and a wealth of nearby amenities including popular retail, restaurant and entertainment venues. 

Unencumbered Management 

The Equus Hotel is currently self managed by the Seller and will be sold unencumbered providing multiple options for the buyer.

Strong Market Indices 

Waikiki is the one of the nation’s top 5 hotel markets with an year to date average daily rate of $227.05 (2nd in the US) and an revenue per available room of $176.19 (2nd in the US). The buyer of the Equus Hotel Waikiki is purchasing an asset in a marketplace with high consumer identity and demand supported with strong sponsorship from the air carriers that provide over 10 million annual air seats into Hawaii.


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首先请您在    我要购房  (按此进入) 那边填写您的需求, 我们会按照您的需求给您分析以及建议。



如果是现金购买, 卖家会要求您提出资金证明 (银行类存款等等 用来证明有足够资金买房)此证明不需要马上就提出,当您的契约被卖家家接受后的3-5天内提出即可- 正确天数 依照合约)

如果是需要贷款, 卖家会要求看 贷款认证许可 (pre-approval letter)    如果您需要贷款又没有此许可证,就算看见喜欢的房产您也不一定可以买到,应为卖家会觉得您贷款上面会有问题。  


第一:  相约看房:  如果有适合的房子, 买房可以透过我们房地产经纪人与卖方的委托人进一步的交涉。通常我们会与买家拟定一个合适的价格 (OFFER) 然后 作出 书面的出价 (购屋合同)里面包含购买价格,付款方式,订金,交屋, 托管公司,房屋检查,等等。  买方需要写一个支票来支付订,支票抬头写托管公司然后给我们 (买方经纪人),或是如果没有美国银行账户外国买家也可提议在OFFER接受的3天内汇款订金。  如果卖方接受了我们的出价那么,这个支票(初期订金)就会被送去托管公司开户。  如果最后没有成交,大部分的情况下 托管公司会把支票退还。   {了解更多}   如果是汇款,托管公司也会退款给您。   

契约的拟定 (签名我们可以使用电子签名所以就算您不在夏威夷也可以签)

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